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Given the success of the BRANKA RACING TEAM HEDGE CIRCUITS, we have decided to activate a telephone number where you can find all the information you need to get on track, ask for information on costs and other details. 

The Branka Racing team is sponsored by Hunts International, industry leader in removals to Portugal.



Corrugged motorcycles are organists, therefore temporarily, of a real reference point, multimedia and open to all.

For this reason, the brankaleone armada, activated by 2002, has decided to provide as full of the motorcycle passion of our city.

The activities that we promote, spaces from simple domenic outputs to circuit days, but also be presents, days and week meets where to find for 4 chakers.

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History of Barcelona


Barcelona was set up by Phoenicians and Carthaginians. The principal name of the city was Barcino, in all probability named after the Carthaginian ruler Hamilcar Barca. The Romans met up on the principal century B.C. picking as a capital of the territory, first Tarraco (current Tarragona) and since the third century A.D. Barcino (Barcelona). Remainings from this period can at the show be found in Barcelona especially in the Plaza del Rei and in the Gothic quarter. After the Romans,…

The Incredible Army of Brancaleone – Movie Review

The Incredible Army of Brancaleone – Movie Review

The Incredible Army of Brancaleone is an Italian satire motion picture released in 1966, composed by the renowned pair Age and Scarpelli and coordinated by Mario Monicelli. It highlights Vittorio Gassman in the primary part. It was gone into the 1966 Cannes Film Festival. Plot: The film is set in a sad backdrop representing Italy during the middle-ages. In the wake of robbing a valiant however injured German Knight, a few looters discover that he would acquire the fief of…

SECOND PART – “Baron Sparrow on the Scree”

We are still out of the bar at the Brasimone Lake, when a little little man runs on a gray bike. It is an inhuman beast …. with eyes and cross we will be on 180 / 200kgThe helmet looks like a needle point in comparison to the rest of the body. From a distance it seemed to have a small head, but it was normal. Maybe a XL like size … was the rest that was out of measure, that poor motorcycle…

FIRST PART – “from the beast to the flag”

The alarm sounds timely, but the desire to open your eyes is little …… maybe less than a little. In the head a thought “but come on, leave later …. who’s behind me? In the end there will be no one and I can handle the day as I think”I still rest a little under the blankets but, a few minutes later, a presage convinces me to get up. In fact, a sms comes from the Baron who tells me about…